istanbul bosphorus cruise

>> Bosphorus Cruise with Golden Horn on Private Boat ( Half Day Morning )

Cruise on the Golden Horn

As the sun sets in Istanbul, its yellow light blazes on the waters of the Golden Horn, giving this freshwater estuary its romantic name. Cruise on the Bosphorus

This magical journey which covers both European and Asian shores by our private boat will let you see the marvelous monuments and districts.

Rumeli Fortress (From the sea)

The biggest fortification of Istanbul can be seen clearly during our Bosphorus Cruise.

Cable Car to Pierre Loti

The little hill Enjoy the beautiful view from the cable car as you climb the hill to the cafe named after the famous French writer Pierre Loti, birth name Louis Marie Julien Viaud (1850-1923).

City Walls Constantinople's great city walls were breached only twice in 1600 years. The first breach occuredin 1204 during the fourth Crusade; the second breach was led by “Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror” in 1453 with cannons and troops.

Half Day Morning Tours Terminate at Sultan Ahmet Center in front of Hagia Sophia.